On its own, your guitar makes no sound at all...

You chose your guitar because you love the way it sounds... but on it's own, it is silent. You play it with your fingers, your pick, your slide. Each one of these is a vital tone-generating tool - not just a means of playing the notes.

Our expertise in engineering and materials science combined with our understanding and insight into musical tone, feel and control inspired us to develop three product families, covering the intimate interaction between player and guitar. In our relentless pursuit of perfection we work with some of the world's most renowned musicians and an international team of specialists to realise our vision - together we have created a range of musical tools that represent the pinnacle of what is available today.

Wolfram. Perfecting the interface between you and your guitar.

Wolfram Slides

The world's finest guitar slides

The material, weight and surface of a slide all have an immense effect on tone and feel, but very few slides are actually made with this in mind.

A Wolfram slide is engineered from the ground up using a range of stunning materials, to perform as a guitar slide. Every aspect is honed to perfection, to achieve rock-solid tone, unsurpassed sustain and a silky-smooth low-friction playing feel - with string noise notable by its absence.

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Precision : Crystal 2

Achieve and perfect your unique tone

Many players chase tone, but often ignore one of their most vital assets; the shape, finish and condition of your nails define the tone you get from your instrument.

Precision : Crystal is the only nail file developed by guitarists specifically for guitarists; an astonishingly effective single tool to meet all your nailcare needs, leaving a perfectly sealed nail finish optimised for great fingerstyle acoustic guitar tone and control.

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Precision : Strike

The ultimate guitar pick.

Machined from solid tungsten carbide - twice as dense as steel and nearly as hard as diamond - with a hand-polished edge and picking point, Precision : Strike feels and sounds like nothing else on Earth. And it's not just heavy metal!

Achieving tonal characteristics that are mutually exclusive in other picks, Precision : Crystal combines fat, rich treble tones with a killer attack and punchy bass response. Incredible dynamic sensitivity invites you to explore a huge palette of tonal colours, fully controllable with your pick technique.

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"A hallmark liquid tonality that sustains for days. If you're serious about slide, well... we've never played a better one."

"It's very heavy, very beautiful and will change your life. It nearly plays itself ... your guitar sounding like a different instrument."

"Incredibly pure tone and comfortable fit. Not just a new take on an old theme, but a complete reinvention of the humble bottleneck slide."

"The tone-boosting tool you never knew you needed."

"Ultra-lightweight, comfortable and easy to use with excellent results. In truth, nail sculpting is an art form … that becomes easier to master with such high-quality files."


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