The world's finest metal tonebars

Experience rich, solid tone

Machined from a solid billet of the highest-quality marine-grade 316L stainless steel, our tonebars deliver solid a fundamental across both the bass and treble strings, with a responsive, sweet tone. The surface is perfectly smooth and polished by hand to a mirror sheen, for a silky-smooth glide and minimal string noise.

No other tonebar combines the innovative design, engineering and focus on quality of a Wolfram bar.

Made in England

The Wolfram Verge bullet tonebar


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rich, solid, responsive tone

radiused thumb rest

exceptional comfort and control

low friction and minimal string noise

Concept and design

Wolfram Verge takes the materials, engineering and quality of finish that have made our finger slides famous, and translates these into the perfect bullet tonebar for lap steel players. Every element fuses into a consistent whole, and has been judged to deliver the very best in tone and feel.

Radiused thumb rest

For the ultimate in comfort and precision, Wolfram Verge has a perfectly radiused cutout to fit your thumb. Enabling precise, intuitive control over slants, Wolfram Verge feels like an extension of your fingers.

Smooth, polished playing surface

The playing surface is machined absolutely flat, for consistent feel and engagement across and along the strings. The entire playing surface including the perfectly hemispherical bullet nose, is hand-polished to a mirror sheen, for the smoothest possible playing experience and absolutely minimal string noise.

Tone and performance

The density and weight of Wolfram Verge combined with its exceptionally high-quality playing surface results in superb engagement with the string - you can expect a really solid, clear fundamental from both the bass and treble strings, delivered with peerless sustain. Wolfram Verge is very responsive to playing style, providing access to a wide tonal palette of overtones depending on your attack and playing style.


Wolfram Verge is available in two sizes. Due to their solid steel construction, the large and small sizes are different weights.

Large size

Small size




Outer diameter




258 grams

213 grams

Full specifications

Slide model:Wolfram Verge bullet tonebar (2016)
Slide material: Marine-grade 316L stainless steel
Surface:Hand-polished mirror finish
Overall length:83.0mm (large) / 82.0mm (small)
Outer diameter:23.0mm (large) / 21.0 (small)
Thumbrest radius:14.5mm (large) / 12.1mm (small)
Mass:258 grams (large) / 213 grams (small)
Accessories: Velvet storage pouch

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