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The origin of Wolfram in 2012 was one desire: quite simply, to create the ultimate, no-compromise guitar slide. The result became the Martin Simpson Signature Slide, followed shortly by Michael Messer's signature model. Using everything he learned about guitar tone and dynamics through this quest, founder David Browne designs all of Wolfram's products, collaborating with some of the world's finest musicians to refine concepts, and with experts in materials and manufacturing to realise the vision behind the products.

All Wolfram products are engineered to a performance and quality target, not to price target. Our aim is for every one of our products to be best-in-class.

The Wolfram timeline

2012 -present


... German; tungsten.

2012: development starts on internally-tapered slide

2013: Martin Simpson endorses his Wolfram Signature Slide

2014: Michael Messer Signature Slide developed

2014: Precision : Crystal nail file developed

2015: Precision : Strike tungsten carbide picks launched

2015: First Wolfram "Wedding Slide" & ring made

2016: Artist Series steel and coated slides launched

2016: Shuriken acrylic picks launched

2016: Verge steel tonebar launched

2016: Precision : Fit insert launched

2017: ...some very exciting new products planned...

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