Custom fit from any slide

With no impact on tone

Whether you aim for a snug fit or like some room to maneuver, the fit of your slide is an intensely personal preference.

If you have a slide whose tone you love but cannot get it to fit, or that you wish to wear with a snug fit on both your ring and little finger, Precision : Fit is the only slide insert in the world specifically designed to give you a comfortable custom fit from any slide, without destroying its tone.

Made in England

The Wolfram Precision : Fit slide insert


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custom fit from any slide

securely suspended inside the slide

leaves over 95% of the slide's surface unimpeded

for minimal impact on tone

Concept and design

Too often, because of the delicate interplay between mass, density, hardness and wall thickness, you will find a slide whose tone you love, but that you cannot wear comfortably. Packing the slide with something to make it fit often has an adverse effect on the slide's tone by damping its vibration - particularly when the slide is thin-walled or made from highly-resonant materials such as glass.

Helical support

Wolfram Precision : Fit employs a helical rubber seal that grips the inner of the slide and suspends the insert inside - the helix is the only part touching the slide. This anchors the insert securely while leaving over 95% of the slide's surface to vibrate unimpeded, minimising any adverse effect on tone.

Wolfram Precision : Fit can be removed at any time without damaging the slide - some of our customers have two inserts, for a perfect fit on the little and ring fingers as required.

Smooth, custom shape

Feeling natural, warm and grippy, Precision : Fit's body is made from white nylon. Created on a highly precise selective laser sintering 3D printer, we can create outer and inner geometry to fit any slide and finger - Coricidan bottles are no problem, and we have even made inserts to fit tapered slides, and provide a different taper for the inner fit.

Tone and performance

Because it leaves over 95% of the slide's surface completely unimpeded and free to vibrate, Wolfram Precision : Fit's effect on tone is minimal, if any. Precision : Fit's advantage is particularly noticeable on slides made with highly acoustically active materials such as crystal glass, where any damping can have a noticeable impact on tone.

Once installed, Wolfram Precision : Fit is essentialy invisible to the player: the only difference you'll notice is that you have a slide that fits exactly the way you want it to.


Currently, every Precision : Fit insert is custom-made to order, so that it will fit both your slide and your finger exactly. Please contact us using the Enquire button below for more information.

Full specifications

Model:Wolfram Precision : Fit insert (2016)
Body material: SLS sintered white nylon
Grip material:High-density Plastazote; helical
Overall length:Bespoke
Outer diameter:Bespoke
Inner diameter:Bespoke
Edges:Precision comfort radius
Mass:Approx. 6.5 grams

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