We are fully open and shipping to UK and international destinations. [MORE INFORMATION]

A quick message

Not a single person in the world will avoid being affected in some way by COVID-19. I sincerely hope that all our customers, families, friends, musicians and people everywhere can get through this with their health and livelihoods intact.

Music is a powerful healer and, whether you are in lock-down, self-isolating, have the virus or not, I hope that you will continue to play guitar; never underestimate the potential of music to bring joy, love, peace and satisfaction to you and those around you.

So cheer yourself and your families up with a song or two, and we'll beat this!

David Browne
Founder, Wolfram


We are open for business and shipping worldwide.

Wolfram has taken all possible steps to protect our staff and customers from exposure to COVID-19. All of our staff are working from home, and we have temporarily halted production of our slides and Precision : Crystal2 nail files - don't worry, we have plenty of stock! We are still making our Precision : Strike picks to order, so all our products remain available.

At present, no Wolfram staff have any symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. If this changes, then we will

The situation here in the UK (we are located in Kent, just outside London) is changing on a daily basis, but for the moment we are still very much open for business and shipping both domestically and internationally. The advice we have been given is that the various travel bans in place apply only to people and are not preventing the movement of goods. However, please understand that delivery, particularly international, may take longer than usual.

We use Royal Mail for all our domestic and international shipping - there is an information page here for the most up to date information on any disruption to individual countries.

We will update this page as and when the situation changes.

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